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How I became a Career Coach & Mentor


In spite of spending thirteen years in a corporate career and working for global corporations I was frustrated because I never felt like I was utilizing my full potential and giving 100% to the job. I lacked inspiration from work and as a result it was not something that I would wake up every morning and look forward to. Deep in my heart I felt that I had not chosen the right career and at the same time I did not know how to find one. Prior to this I had changed career paths, not just jobs, multiple times hoping to discover my ideal career but failed.

In order to find a solution I started reading books on career development and talking to experts in the field. Their insights had a profound impact on me and made me realize that my approach towards building a career was fundamentally flawed because it relied heavily on outside influences like opinion of people, material needs and gave very little importance to personal alignment.

For instance, right from my school days I enjoyed teaching, educating, counselling and sharing knowledge. In fact many of my relatives, friends and colleagues have told me that I have a unique talent for educating in that I make it less theoretical, more practical, easy to understand and grasp. The sad reality is that I never employed this talent fully in any of the jobs that I did and that is one of the reasons why I could not find inspiration and fulfillment at work.

This revelation led to my next quest and that was to interview professionals who have built successful corporate careers and learn what they did differently in order to be successful. I interviewed more than 100 successful professionals and got valuable career insights from them.

As a result on my reading, research and learning from successful corporate professionals over a period of two years I developed my unique career coaching & mentoring framework called “The Iconic Career Blueprint” . Using this framework and process I rebuilt my career as the service delivery leader in the IT industry and then as a professional career coach and mentor.

Since then I’ve coached and mentored hundreds of early and mid-career working professionals using my proprietary framework and process and enabled them to get clarity about their career path, accelerate their career growth or make successful career transitions.

My Vision

Create a society where professionals are able to build an iconic career so they get clarity, growth and rewards in their career in a consistent manner.

My Mission

Empower 1 million graduates and professionals to discover the right career, make right career choices and develop the right mindset in order to achieve success and fulfillment in their career.

My expertise

Career Discovery

I enable professionals who lack clarity about their career path to discover their ideal or best-fit career

Career Growth & Acceleration

I enable professionals who are not growing in their career to rebuild and accelerate their career.

Career Transition

I enable professionals who want to switch their careers to make a smooth career transition.


MBA, University of Rochester (New York)

MEng., Cornell University (New York)

B.E., National Institute of Technology Karnataka

My prior work experience

Deloitte, Xerox, Vistaprint

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