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Haris Hamza
Senior Marketing & Sales Professional

Sushant is a holistic career mentor who emphasized on the importance of developing the right mindset for achieving success.

Before I spoke to Sushant, I was confused about my career. I was not sure which function fit me well or which industries aligned with my interests. I was also having issues coming out from my failed enterprise and getting back to work. I had many doubts about myself and required a mindset correction.

The tests Sushant conducted, clearly showed that my interests and interests were aligned under the skill of Marketing (advertising, events) & Sales (consultative B2B selling). We concluded that rebuilding my career in marketing and sales in any of the 5 industry segments i.e., food tech, edutech, fintech, gaming and SAAS is the best-fit career path for me.

Secondly Sushant also helped me to transform my limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs as a result of which I’ve been able to overcome past career regrets and move forward in my career.

Sushant guided me to do an in depth analysis about myself which helped me in identifying the right career path.

I decided to join Sushant’s mentorship program because for the past two years I have not been happy with growth in my career and was feeling stuck. I was confused if I am pursuing the right career. I also had ideas to quit my job and become an entrepreneur but family needs prevented me from taking the plunge.


Thank you Sushant for the wonderful 1:1 sessions we had during the program. It was really mesmerizing. Your deeper analysis on the “Sweet Spot of Success” and the “Ideal Career Test” results really enlightened me. I also got clarity on the right career path and a practical approach to transition into the new career path.


Prasad Walke
Engineering Manager
Aarooran Kumaravel
Sr. Marketing Professional

Sushant used his rich experience in evaluating suitable career paths and identifying the ideal career for me.

I was not happy with my 8 years career in manufacturing. So I decided to venture into education field and started a pre-primary school two years ago. The business did not take off as planned and now I am confused whether to continue in the business or get back to a corporate job.

After the Sweet Spot of Success exercise I understood that my heart was not in manufacturing and that is the main reason why I came out of it. My top 5 interests are Marketing Sales Planning, Forecasting & Analysis Business strategy, Storytelling & Presentation

The Ideal Career Test report also supported it. We concluded that building a career in education sector, particularly focusing on the edutech industry is the right career path. I am thankful to Sushant for giving the insight and clarity.


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